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Before importing a file into 'View' it is important to check that it is in the correct format.


  1. Is your input file in csv format?

    CSV is a file type which allows computers to recognise text in a file. Files you wish to upload to View must be CSV files (have .csv file extension). Excel spreadsheets cannot be uploaded but you can create a CSV file in Excel using ‘save as’.

    Call us if you are in doubt.

  2. Does your input file have a valid header row?

    The first row of your file should contain column headers (names) that describe what type of data each column contains. All columns which contain information must have headers even if they are not to be used by View.

    As View uses the column headers (names) to identify the name, address and postcode elements for processing they must be terms which View recognises . For example your file may contain, name, address1, address2, town, postcode, phonenumber.

    Do you want to use View to check the telephone preference service (TPS) only?

Ensuring your input file meets the above criteria will avoid any delays. If you have any questions please contact our View support team on 0131 555 1100.

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