Online Database Cleansing Software

with FREE data Audit

View processes your consumer data files against a central database to improve your data quality

After registering, perform the following steps to submit your file for processing and view your cleansed data.

STEP 1 Check that your file is in the correct format.
STEP 2 Select Process and upload your file.
STEP 3 You will be notified via email when the file has been processed.
STEP 4 View the results of the processed file for FREE.
STEP 5 Buy and download the processed file.

View is our online data cleansing software. View processes your consumer data files against a central database to improve its data quality.

Easy to use service - complete data management

  • Database cleansing

    Identify and correct incomplete contact addresses, postcodes and duplicate contacts.

  • Data suppression

    Identify individuals who are deceased or who have gone-away from the address you have listed for them.

  • Data enhancement

    Add demographic information, residents, dates of birth, telephone numbers and more.

  • Database profiling

    See a profile or your database against the national average.

  • Customer tracing

    Use Royal Mail's National Change of Address (NCOA) and Equifax reConnect to get forwarding addresses for gone-aways (conditions apply)

Benefits of View

  • Access online - No software to update or install
  • Secure data transfer
  • All you need to maintain data quality in a single application
  • Software as a service - Only pay for what you use

Using View ensures data quality is consistently high.

Data quality is important to improve customer communication, direct mail responses and database marketing.

Using View can save you money. Our Cost Savings Calculator can show you how much you can save by using accurate data.

A View account is free to setup with no obligation to buy. You can audit your data for free and only pay for what you use. Register to setup an account now.

  • Can I automate Uploads?
  • Yes, multiple files can be uploaded via SFTP for automatic processing.

  • What format can I submit records in?
  • Files must be csv format with a .csv file extension and contain a header row which identifies the name and address files.

  • Can I review the results before I buy?
  • Yes, free audits are provided for all files which show the processing results and associated costs.

  • What steps do you take to protect my data?
  • We take data security very seriously. Your data is encrypted as it is transferred from your computer to our servers, which are running in secure data centres.

  • How do I specify what processing is required?
  • Simply select a predefined settings file which meets your requirements. Settings files can also be tailored to meet your exact needs.

  • How long does a file take to process?
  • This can vary depending on both the quality of the input names and addresses and also the extent of processing required. You will be notified via email when your file is ready but approx 10,000 records per hour would be a realistic guideline.

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